BACK IN STOCK! Tulipop’s exciting blind box series

Tulipop Blind Box Series

We absolutely love surprises and want to tell you more about our magical range of Tulipop blind boxes, which are finally back in stock! The fabulous creative team at Toynami – America’s leading specialty manufacturer of collectible toys – worked closely with Tulipop’s creator and head designer, Signý Kolbeinsdóttir, to produce each beautifully-illustrated blind box containing a 3.5" original vinyl figure complete with diorama from the enchanting world of Tulipop.

Surprise & Delight
Finding out what’s inside these delightful little boxes is all part of the fun. Will it be Fred – the lovable monster who tries his best to be scary but just comes off as adorable? Or Gloomy – the adventurous mushroom girl who loves surprises and pranks just as much as we do? Maybe you’ll get Miss Maddy – the pink-loving primadonna who lives to impress and keep up appearances or Bubble – the ever-so-shy and nervous mushroom boy, who is happiest at home drinking tea and getting lost in his thoughts.

Tulipop blindboxes

Collect them all at the Tulishop
To get your hands on one, or all four, of these magical art toy collectibles, pop into our flagship Tulipop store in Reykjavik or visit our online Tulishop.

Excitement in a box!
We love watching the delight of our fans as they open up their Tulipop blind boxes. It makes us so happy! If you’d like a sneak peek of all the unboxing excitement check out these fan-made videos on Youtube such as Grace’s Toy Nook and RadioJH Audrey’s review and definitely send us yours!

Happy Hunting!