Tulipop Attends DesignerCon 2018

Tulipop Attends DesignerCon 2018


We attended DesignerCon 2018 and it was a blast!

At the event, our co-founder Signý Kolbeinsdóttir was able to meet some of you, enjoy a buzzing creative environment, and talk with some amazingly talented artists. 

A vibrant vibe and meeting you guys
As a guest of Toynami, an American toy company that develops Tulipop products, Tulipop had a booth where Signý had the chance to speak directly with some of you. For her, this was an awesome and validating experience.

“It’s so good to communicate directly with people who like what I do and to hear their positive feedback,” she says. “It’s so validating to hear that they love the characters and the products – and that Tulipop is known in the US!”

Signý feels that she enjoyed a uniquely creative and vibrant vibe at DesignerCon.

“It is a lot like ComicCon, only smaller,” she says. “People carry stuffed animals, illustrations, posters… FUNKO had this cereal they were giving out to people and you could tell, people were going crazy over them. It was greatly displayed and the cereal was really cool.”

Check out these artists
On top of people who share a common interest in design brands, DesignerCon also hosts a plethora of designers from across the world. Signý was enchanted by two artists in particular.

“I met Miranda Dressler (instagram: mirandaright), an amazing creative artist. She is the wife of Derek Dressler who will be the head writer for the Tulipop TV series. I also love the work of Junko Mizuno (instagram: junko_mizuno_art) – so interesting!”

Tulipop will also attend WonderCon 2019 at the Anaheim Convention Center, March 29–31. Stay tuned for a post about our experience there and don’t forget to come say hello if you’re going!