Mushroom boy Bubble lives in a cozy little house in sunny Buttercup Sands. He is a calm and caring brother of Gloomy and likes nothing better than to stay at home and enjoy a little nap in his hammock. Bubble has encyclopedic knowledge of the nature and creatures of Tulipop which often comes in handy when on an unexpected adventure with his friends. 

Gloomy is a brave whirlwind of a mushroom girl who tackles life on Tulipop with gusto. What may be a problem to others is an opportunity for fun to Gloomy! Energetic, charismatic and curious, Gloomy lives life to the full and doesn’t have time to sweat the small stuff - like tidying. She has a cape full of useful items for any occasion, enjoys mixing potions, fixing things for her friends and collects almost anything.

Fred is a furry and playful creature with a heart of gold. He is curious and can be a bit clumsy but has an unwavering enthusiasm for everything and a talent for bringing out the best in his friends. Fred is a little scared of the dark but luckily his horns glow in the dark!

Maddy is a confident and outgoing bear, who has many talents. She loves pink and lives in a beautiful pink house on Strawberry Fields. Maddy loves throwing parties and baking delicious cakes for her friends.  

Mr Tree is the eccentric, wise storyteller and historian of Tulipop. He is deeply connected to the island, thanks to his roots, although he has the tendency to "tree-splain" everything because of all that he knows. Mr Tree is a grandfatherly figure on the island and, although he cannot travel, the friends often visit him for advice or when things get sticky.

Tulipop is a wondrous island in the middle of two seas, governed by 3 moons. Created in an undersea volcanic eruption thousands of years ago, Tulipop is full of exciting places and unusual creatures. On Tulipop a whale is never just a whale. A snail is never just a snail. It’s a place where anything can happen and frequently does!