Bringing Tulipop To Life | YouTube Series 2 is now live!

Bringing Tulipop To Life | YouTube Series 2 is now live!

We are super excited to share with you news that the first episodes of series two of our awesome animated series is now live on the Tulipop YouTube channel. This second series, comprising a further 10 episodes, follows the popular first series (10 episodes x 2,5 min) which was launched in late 2017, and rapidly received more than 3 million views on YouTube on Tulipop’s English, German and Spanish channels., in addition to being dubbed in Icelandic and broadcast on Icelandic National TV.   

The Tuliblog spoke to Signý Kolbeinsdóttir, Tulipop’s Creative Director about the animation journey so far.  

The first steps in animation 
When co-founders Signý Kolbeinsdóttir and Helga Árnadóttir first launched Tulipop, the Tulipop world only existed in Signý’s imagination. The duo began developing the world and the distinctive characters as a range of high quality, beautifully designed and illustrated products, but people immediately began asking how they could get to know the characters and the world better through stories. “Bringing my designs and illustrations to life through animation has been the dream for a long time and it is amazing to see it all happening now.”  

Tulipop’s journey in animation production began in 2017, when Tulipop hired Wildbrain, a leading multiplatform kids network, to co-produce an animated series for a new Tulipop channel on YouTube. 

 “Producing our first series was an incredible journey. Through the YouTube series, I’ve been figuring out and exploring what I want in animation,” she says. “I’ve been finding out how the characters move, what music fits the world, what works, what doesn’t. Most surprising to me was how difficult it is to find the right voices for the characters and the music. It’s a constant experiment.” 

Signý drawing the Tulipop characters

Creative collaboration 
The partnership with Wildbrain allowed Signý to retain her original vision for Tulipop and also to experiment with its look by collaborating with creative people from across the world. 

Signý works closely together with the series scriptwriters to create the series. 

“We wanted excellent scriptwriters on-board – people I could bond with, who got the Tulipop world, and who had experience,” she says. “We met many scriptwriters before we found Tobi Wilson, who wrote the scripts for series one. Tobi has been one of the head script writers for one of my favourite TV series, The amazing world of Gumball. Lucky for us he was game!” 

For series two Tobi brought on board Brydie-Lee Kennedy, who’s also been working on Gumball. “We met Brydie through Tobi and learned that she’s also a brilliant, and super funny scriptwriter so she joined the team for series 2. Tobi and Brydie co-wrote the ten scripts and we all had a blast working together.” 

Youtube season 2

Staying true to Tulipop 
For Signý, it is important that her original vision of Tulipop stays at the center of the animated format. Together with Tobi and Brydie, she was able to communicate what Tulipop is truly about. 

“I can’t count all the times I have been told by people, ‘you can’t do that in animation for kids; it’s too neurotic, it’s too scary, it’s too much.’ With Tobi and Brydie, and through our partnership with Wildbrain, I was able to keep Tulipop the way I wanted it to be without trying to fit it into a format. It made the transition from my imagination to full-fleshed animation much more seamless.” 

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