Easter Celebrations in Iceland!

Easter Celebrations in Iceland!

We are so excited about the upcoming Easter holidays here at Tulipop and are thoroughly enjoying our festive makeover. Even Fred is getting in on the action and has donned some rather eye-catching bunny ears for the occasion. We think he looks super, wouldn’t you agree?

Easter is always a fun affair in Iceland and celebrated with a fabulous medley of modern and age-old traditions. The five-day holiday, which starts on Skírdagur (Maundy Thursday) and ends on Páskar (Easter Sunday), is a time for family activities such as spending time in the countryside, skiing, attending a confirmation or two – there’s always one relative coming of age – or going on an organised Easter-egg hunt.

Festive decorations
Coinciding with spring, those fresh yellow daffodils and branches of budding Forsythia make for popular Easter decorations, but they are not complete without the fruits of one of our favourite traditional Easter-time activities – hand painting hollowed-out eggs in beautiful, bright colours. We like to hang some of them on the branches to make a lovely Easter tree. Helga, one of Tulipops founders and the CEO, always follows this tradition with her kids. Here's a picture of their Easter tree this year!

Chocolate for breakfast
There’s always lots of chocolate, too, of course, with small mountains of marvellous Easter eggs rising in shops and supermarkets in the run-up to Easter. Traditionally everyone gets one egg, but before you can gorge on all that lovely chocolate, you have to go on an egg hunt to find it, which is the first activity of the day on Easter Sunday; then it’s chocolate for breakfast. Eggs come in different sizes, are topped with tiny ornamental fluffy chicks and usually contain a colourful assortment of candy inside. It’s not just about indulging in your sweet-tooth though; the eggs also come with a good dose of old Icelandic wisdom: buried somewhere in the treasure of candy you’ll find a little scroll featuring an Icelandic proverb.

The traditional Easter egg from Nói Siríus

Easter Feast
After all that sweet indulgence on Easter morning, the traditional roasted leg of lamb or “Easter Leg” is a welcome culinary event and is served with potatoes, a range of seasonal, spring vegetables and sauce. In case the desire for chocolate returns, there’s always a few pieces of broken chocolate egg and candy left over for dessert.

Happy Easter!
Just like Maddy and Bubble, we love an occasional chocolate treat and can’t wait to crack open our Easter eggs on Sunday. Happy Easter!

Visit the store
Although we are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, we are open on all other days of the holiday. Come and see the Tulipop store in its terrific Easter costume!


Opening hours during Easter 2019: 
Thursday 18th of April: 12pm - 4pm
Friday 19th of April: Closed
Saturday 20th of April: 10am - 6pm
Sunday 21st of April: Closed
Monday 22nd of April: 12pm - 4pm